PHOTO: Pokello Celebrates Boyfriend On Social Media Amidst Divorce Saga?

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Pokello and Elikem started dating when they met at big brother Africa’s competition and the two sealed their relationship after they were evicted from the competition.

Though Pokello is not a Ghanaian, Elikem vowed to be with her in rain or shine and social media was where they lived their married life during their marriage hay days.

Recently, Elikem called for a divorce which could be related to Pokello’s infidelity or whatever.

Pokello has posted a picture of her ‘boyfriend’ on social media subtly announcing to the world that they have been dating for the past one year. She also stated that its been a good year being with him and hopes to make more memories with him.

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After reading her post, nobody will ever blame Elikem for being wicked and unfair.





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