I Will Not Accept It If Shatta Cheats With Another Woman Again Because STI’s Are Real ─ Shatta Michy

In a relationship, men cheat a lot but women feel uncomfortable about it and regardless of how hard they try, men still remain the same. It only takes a conscious effort for men to stay away from other women. One lady who has stated that she will never condone any act of flirt from her man is Michy.

It could be recalled a few weeks ago that Shatta Michy said in an interview with Delay that she doesn’t care if Shatta Wale is having an affair outside but knows he will definitely come back home to her since she’s his queen.

Things seem to have changed as she has recently stated that she will never watch Shatta Wale cheat without acting fast.

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There’s this video going viral where a woman was asked what she wouldn’t want her man to do. The woman in the video made it clear that she wouldn’t want her man to have an affair outside their relationship because ladies of these days have diseases thus her man might contract some diseases from them.

Michy also shared on her InstaStory that she also wouldn’t tolerate that in her relationship.

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com



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