PHOTO: ‘Broke’ Abrokwa Would Have Stuck To Afia Schwar’s Cheating Bortos If God Had Created Her This Beautiful

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One of the Ghanaian female celebrities who has benefited from the introduction of makeup is our own Afia Schwarzenegger and anyone who knows Afia in real life would attest to this fact!

No woman is ugly but once a woman becomes obsessed with the application of thick clayed makeup then something is damn wrong with her facial looks. has sighted a photo of Afia Schwarzenegger and we are asking; would ‘broke’ Abrokwa leave Afia’s cheating bortos if God had created her this beautiful?

Apparently, Afia Schwar is trying so much to look pretty just for the usual social media ‘likes and comments’ nonsense looking at the sort of photoshopped photos she pours out there.

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This photo of Afia on Instagram is the perfect definition of deception and any man who falls for it would be disappointed after the thick clayed makeup is wiped off.




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