VIDEO: Princess Shyngle Outdoors New Name For Her Ashawobrity Business ─ Check It Out

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One of the pro-Ashawobrities hovering around social media in search of ‘clients’ who can bang them and pay big to finance their expensive travels and flamboyant lifestyle is Princess Shyngle.

She goes around flaunting her tapoli body on social media all geared towards one purpose ─attracting new ‘clients’ to bang and milk cash out of them.

Well, Princess Shyngle has up her Ashawobrity game by outdooring a new name to match her Ashawobrity brand and the new name isn’t surprising because that’s exactly how she looks.

She took to her Instagram page, posted a video of herself flaunting her tapoli body with a caption, “ TGIF #tapoliprincess”.

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‘Tapoli Princess’ is Princess Shyngle’s new name and you know what that means ─more ‘clients’ and travels as usual!





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