You Will Corrupt Zenator If You Get Closer To Her ─ Wontumi Warns John Mahama

The former president, John Mahama who disgracefully lost the 2016 elections made his intentions of contesting for the 2020 general elections known some weeks ago.

Mr Mahama has hinted that he would love to make the daughter of former president Rawlings daughter, Dr Zenator his running mate.

Dr Zenator Rawlings in accepting Mr Mahama’s proposal could find a new enemy in her father, former President Rawlings because her father seems not to be in good terms with Mr Mahama for reasons best known to him.

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Antwi Bosiako aka Chairman Wontumi has said that Mahama’s decision in considering Dr Zenator Rawlings for the position of a running mate is a desperate move by the former president to make peace with the NDC’s founder before the 2020 elections.

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“Mahama can’t fool anyone with the release he came out with dispelling the notion that he would be picking Zenator as his running mate. It was a calculated move to make former President Rawlings feel important again in the NDC but I know Rawlings wouldn’t fall for this prank”, he said.


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