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Princess Shyngles Has Robust INTEGRITY—She Wouldn’t Ever Sleep With A Rich Man for 100 Thousand Dollars

Princess Shyngle

Ghana-based Gambian Instagram celebrity, claiming to be an actress and every other thing in the world, Princess Shyngles, has said she has refused a generous, albeit, underserving offer to sleep with a rich man for a night for 100,000 dollars—and a lot of Ghanaians on social media are calling her a goddam liar.

I find it insulting, perhaps even defamatory, for anyone to argue that Princess Shyngles wouldn’t ever refuse such a disrespecting offer—from a rich man, who probably exists only in some apocalyptic world of hers, built on fantasy.

What kind of a maggot and loser will make such an offer to Princess Shyngles in the first place? Think about it—offering 100,000 dollars to someone who will probably f*ck you for free when you buy her a cheap dinner at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra to spend one night with you?

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It’s absolutely unacceptable to Princess Shyngles to be overpaid in a manner that equates to a complete purchase of her integrity and that of her unborn children, which is an overestimation of her true worth—so she will refuse it and she did. You dare not disagree with her.

What would you do when someone offers you 100,000 dollars to just drink water? Wouldn’t you reject it—for the fact that, it’s impossible to be given such an amount for doing what you will do for nothing?

It’s one thing to doubt that Princess Shyngles was ever given such an offer and it’s another to besmirch her empty reputation by suggesting or saying she wouldn’t ever refuse such an amount.

She says she was offered it and she refused it—and in my opinion, she did so because she is a woman of integrity who probably prefers sakawa boys inserting their overgrown fungi infested fingers in her pot, instead of having some pot-bellied rich man hand over 100,000 dollars to her for a lousy night of boring sex.

Hail Princess Shyngles for her integrity and truthfulness. Only a fool will believe this rubbish coming out of the garbage yard of the kind like Shyngles’ butt.


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