SCREENSHOTS: Princess Shyngle Rejects $100,000 For A One-night Stand But GC Won’t Fall For This Trash

Princess Shyngle aka Tapoli Princess has posted screenshots of how she rejected $100,000 from a man just for a one night stand ─obviously to claim she isn’t an Ashawobrity as people perceive her to be but won’t fall for this trash.

The screenshots she posted is what we call trash because the Princess Shyngle we know on any given day won’t reject $100,000 for a one night stand sex.

Who pays for all her expensive trips and lavish lifestyle? Or her acting career pays for all her travel expenses? Hell NO!

Princess Shyngle, to hell with your screenshots! How do we even know whether you’ve accepted and executed the one night stand sex ‘contract’ with the said man already or not?

Well, if this whole screenshots thing is true but you ain’t interested pass it on to one of your partners in the Ashawobrity ‘business’, Moesha Budoung since she has publicly declared that’s what she does to make a living.

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Princess Shyngle can’t convince any sane human being that she displays her tapoli waist and oily melons on social media just for the ‘likes and comments’ ─it’s for the usual ‘business’!

Check the screenshots below.





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