Fela Makafui Is A BIG FOOL If She Thinks She’s NOT Going To End Up Like Sister Derby — ‘What Goes Around…’

There are a lot of nonsensical things that humans say about the world to make ourselves feel better, mostly tied to the supernatural realm. The world is hardly fair and does not care about who hurt who, or about ensuring you get ‘revenge’ for your hurt.

That’s why most of the rich and powerful people in the world are real a$$holes – it takes a certain level of ruthlessness and screwing over other people to the get to the top – yet most of those horrible people enjoy their lives, die and move on whilst good, decent and normal people continue to suffer.

So, on the whole, there’s not much stock to be placed in a saying like ‘what goes around, comes around’, but in some instances, you can be 100% sure that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

For instance, some people display patterns of behaviour which makes you to be able to predict their future behaviour.

Fella Makafui might be smiling at this moment after snatching Sister Derby from Medikal but if history is anything to go by she’s not going to be happy for very long.

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Generally, men who are unfaithful in relationships don’t magically just change because they’ve found a new ‘special’ lady who’s going to change them. At one point Derby was that ‘special lady’ but it didn’t prevent Medikal from cheating on her and Fella being the current ‘special lady’ would not be able to stop him either.

Besides, since news of their relationship broke almost everytime Medikal talks about Fella he talks about her huge backside. That tells you all he sees of her and where this relationship is inevitably headed.

So we have a little piece of advice for Fella – she might be thinking she won the battle today but in the long run she’s going to lose the war and end up like Derby.

Unless of course, she’s already aware and is ready for that inevitable day of reckoning.

Here’s another saying, this one which is perfectly accurate, for her to chew on — a leopard never changes its spots.

Good luck, Madam Tundra.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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