Medikal Hints He Dumped Sister Derby’s Skinny Backside Because She Was Forcing Him To Marry Her — Who Didn’t See This One Coming?

In the early days of their love Sister Derby and Medikal seemed to really be enjoying each other! Frequently appearing publicly, behaving like a couple truly in love and speaking fawningly of each other.

But as time went on it became quite clear something was going wrong in the background and soon their ‘kakalika love’ crumbled to the ground.

The signs were there for everyone to see including Sister Derby herself, but she decided to behave like the proverbial ostrich and stick her head in the sand whilst Fella Makafui calmly snatched Medikal with her gargantuan botors.

One big red flag was a nonchalant tweet Medikal sent one day that he’s never going to get married. He later came to claim it was a joke but it was a clear message to Derby who had been saying in some interviews that she wanted to get married.

We said it at the time that Medikal was probably looking to dump Derby considering his actions and lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.

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Over the weekend Medikal released a song to reply to Derby’s ‘Kakalika Love’ diss and he said everything about why he dumped Derby.

Simply put – she was pressuring him to marry her and he clearly had no intention to do so.

Medikal mentioned in ‘Ayekoo’ that Derby wanted to be taken to the altar but he obviously had other ideas.

Medikal also took his time to mention Fella’s huge backside once again.

Listen to ‘Ayekoo’ below…

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