Too Much Sex Affected My Sporting Activities ─ Usain Bolt Reveals

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The youth of today cannot do without sex these days regardless of the harmful effects involved. The world’s fastest athlete, Usain Bolt has revealed that he has stopped having sex despite the pleasures involved.

He stated that he stopped having sex because it was affecting his performance in athletics championships.

He made this shocking revelation on Sunday Times, where he reiterated that he has reached an agreement with his coach on partying instead of sex provided he kept winning races during his athletics days.

“In the early days, I did try having sex before a race, just to see if it helped. It was a disaster. I was nowhere.

I’m a young guy. I like to have a good time. I can train hard, but I also need some downtime. If I don’t go out and let off steam, I go a bit crazy.

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My coach understood, and we worked out a good system. Even though I went to parties, I was still winning races. If I was coming last, sure, you can tell me to stop partying, but if I’m breaking world records, you got no right to tell me what to do”, he revealed.


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