Wait For My Return To Ghana! ─ A Plus Threatens To Deal With The BNI

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Ghanaian musician turned politician had his home besieged last week by the personnel of the BNI ─perhaps for his attacks on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) which is yet to be confirmed.

The musician has threatened the BNI to wait until his return and it is unknown whether he is going to have them arrested or denied of their right because he is a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

According to A Plus, the BNI was in his house to take his number for their boss so that he can engage him in a private chat adding that he doesn’t fear anyone in the country called Ghana.

He stated that no one can intimidate him in Ghana no matter the person’s status. He also revealed that many prominent people in Ghana have tried to kill him and he is always expecting it from them.

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Details of his statement.

“I’m on a mission to groom a new crop of young Ghanaians who are law-abiding, fearless and resist the oppressor with all their strength and all their might as instructed by our founding fathers in the national anthem.

We can not fear people we put in power and pay without tax money. Sagaaa!!! Rise up my people…. Rise up!!”

“In fact, they can’t even intimidate me!! They have been to my house twice. Wednesday afternoon and Thursday dawn.

I’m not in Ghana so they left a message that they were sent by the director of BNI to invite me for a “friendly chat.” (I don’t know why they came at dawn to invite me for a friendly chat though).

Anyway…. If we truly love Ghana, we must support the government to build strong state institutions by cooperating with them always.

As for me Kwame A Plus, there is not a single person in that country called Ghana who can intimidate me irrespective of status. The worse any coward can do is to hide and kill me. In fact, I expect that every day. I’m not scared at all”.


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