95-year-old Man Wakes Up During His Funeral Rite ─ Says He Just Fell Asleep

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A 95 years old man from a town in India recently shocked his family and friends when he woke up during his pre-funeral bath after a medical doctor declared him dead.

The old man named Budh Ram, a resident of Bhaktanwalan Ki Dhani had collapsed on Saturday afternoon after complaining of chest pain. When he fainted his family called a doctor who after diagnosing him declared him dead.

After being pronounced dead the man’s family then informed his other relatives and contacted a priest to perform his final funeral rites. As tradition demands the men of the family shaved their heads and were set to give Budh’s body a customary last bath.

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When they started pouring cold water over him, something unexpected happened, the ‘dead man’ strangely and miraculously woke up claiming he just fell asleep.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.com