Ghanaian Actress Pens Down Emotionally Charged And Matured Advice To The Trio – Fella Makafui, Sister Derby And Medikal – READ

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Now it is very certain and everyone in this country knows perfectly well that AMG Business rapper Samuel Frimpong aka Medikal has used and dumped Wanlov Kubolor’s darling girl, Sister Derby.

Medikal didn’t just use Sister Derby mercilessly and dump her, he has also quickly moved on like nothing ever happened between them and he is now seriously dating YOLO star actress Fella Makafui.

It looks like Sister Derby has now realized or come to the conclusion that Medikal has dumped her flat bortoss for good and he is not looking her way again whiles Medikal and Fella continues to chop endless and timeless love.

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Ghanaian actress Khareema Aguiar has penned down an emotionally charged advice to the trio Fella, Medikal and Derby to desist from the childish way of solving their break up issues and find a matured way of solving it out of the public eye.