Medikal Allegedly Has Erectile Dysfunction; Dumped Derby Because She’s Too ‘Pure’ And Plans To Sacrifice Fella Makafui For His ‘Fraud’ Game — ‘Insider’ Drops All The Filla Regarding The Hot Love Triangle Of The Moment

The ongoing brouhaha surrounding the love triangle between three Ghanaian celebrities has managed to bring out new dimensions almost every hour, but this has got to be the most interesting one we’ve heard so far, and we’re absolutely sure you’re going to love it.

So far what has gone on is that Medikal dumped Derby, moved on to Fella and then told the story of how he allegedly met Fella and fell in love with her.

However, there might be more to the entire relationship roller coaster than meets the eye (there always is), and one social media user claims to have discovered the reason behind the split.

As always the juiciest meat is found on social media and one person alleging to have insider knowledge has dropped the entire gist concerning what happened between Medikal, Sister Derby, and Fella and her ‘tundra’.

This social media user with the handle ‘fyrefly88’ has so much juice that it can be used to used to grill an entire barbecue.

According to their post, Medikal dumped Sister Derby because she’s too ‘pure’ and cannot be used for rituals. He instead chose Fella because she can be used for the rituals which Medikal needs to do to make his fraud game continue to be successful.

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The user continually alleges that Medikal also has erectile dysfunction which he got from contracting too many STD’s due to chopping down too many women.

Fella Makafui, according to this narration is a sacrificial lamb and if Ghanaians don’t pray for her she’s going to die very soon.

So it might turn out for Fella that all that glitters isn’t gold, as the old saying has always said.

Check out this fantastical gist on the trending issue of the moment below…

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