Screen Shot- Your End Won’t Be Nice If It Is True That You Are Dating Medikal- Fan Curses Fella Makafui

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Fella Makafui, Medikal and Sister Derby’s relationship saga continues unabated as the trio continues to be the topic and subject of social media trolls.

Ever since Medikal used and dumped Sister Deborah, fans of the musician cum model have taken every little or single opportunity they get to criticize and sometimes insult the now lovebirds to the bewilderment and amazement of everyone.

The criticisms and insults have escalated to something very serious and worrying as some fans of Sister Derby have taken to cursing Fella Makafui instead of the usual insults and name calling we are used to.

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An Instagram user by name nana_akua.asante has cursed Fella that her end will never be nice if it is true she is dating Medikal.