VIDEO: You Can’t Hit Ewe ‘Toto’ And Run Away ─ Ewe Slay Queens To Medikal

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Medikal, Fella Makafui and Sister Derby are currently trending on the Ghanaian virtual space and it’s about Medikal dumping 34-year-old Sister Derby for Fella Makafui aka ‘tundra’ bortos.

Fella Makafui is an Ewe lady with massive backside and according to gossips on social media, Medikal dumped Sister Derby all because of her erected bortos.

According to two Ewe slay queens, there is no way Medikal can leave Fella Makafui because there is something strange about Ewe ladies which makes it difficult for men to dump them.

The two Ewe slay queens added that once Medikal has tasted Fella Makafui’s ‘sweet toto’, there is no way he can dump her as he did to Sister Derby.

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In short, since Medikal has dug deep into Fella’s honeypot, the relationship has been sealed by the gods!

Watch the video below…


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