What Will Make Any Guy S3xually Attracted To His Fellow Man?- The Reply To This Question Would Leave You Laughing For Days

We always say people should leave people to date whomever they want to date and get rid of all that religious nonsense that they attribute to their arguments.

Love is loving irrespective of the gender so if anyone chooses to opt for a man in a world where there are lots of beautiful women, how is that anyone’s business?

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One Nigerian lady has shared a picture of a gay man kissing his boyfriend, asking what would make a man find his fellow man attractive.

She wrote:

What will make a guy to be sexually attracted to another guy when there are fine girls all over the world looking for who to love them?

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The man in the picture whose name has been given as Matt replied in a manner we know the lady is not going to be happy reading.

I’ll answer, its me in the picture your infatuated by. You’ve chosen to speak in bad grammar, you’ve chosen penciled in eyebrows w/2much contour around them, you’ve chosen to wear bad wigs, & improperly installed lace fronts. I have chosen to love men, years of dating women like  you, doing way too much, I connect with a man in a way I found peace. Not my fault if your still single looking for a mans love and can’t find it. Maybe stunts like this is why. Be blessed.

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