Yvonne Nelson Says She Has Not Had Any Sex in the Past One Year–Someone Needs Help

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Actress and mother of one, Yvonne Nelson, has stated that she has not had sex the past year–and this also confirms that, she is indeed back to the singles market.

Yvonne Nelson who had a child out of wedlock with Jamie Roberts, a British photographer about a year go took to social media not long ago to state this.

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In celebrating Yvonne Nelson’s birthday a few days ago, Hamamat Montia wished her well and asked that she should have more sexual adventures.

Yvonne Nelson then responded, saying, “I have not had sex in a year.”

Yvonne Nelson

It looks like Yvonne Nelson needs help in the sex department–the earlier someone jumps in, the better it will be for us all as we do not want sexually frustrated Yvonne Nelson in our midst.