Tema Motorway Potholes Turned Yaw Siki Into A Byforce Christian — Criss Waddle

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If you doubt that the biggest motivator behind homo sapiens being so religious is fear, you just have to look at the story of hiplife star Yaw Siki.

Siki was a carefree secular artist until he had an accident and nearly died, then his life completely changed and he became ‘born again’.

Like many other people, the fear of death, and the huge unknown beyond the veil of death, is what motivated Siki’s rush to religion. This is because religion gives you a clean, nice and wholesome yet unproven story about where you go after you die. This story gives you hope than one day after death, you don’t really die but just continue living like nothing happened.

Yaw Siki bought into the Christian story after his accident and near death experience, which is completely understandable, death is pretty scary.

But that should be acknowledged when talking about such conversions instead of the pretence that the Christian doctrine is true and that’s why people flock to it.

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AMG Business head honcho Criss Waddle clearly understands how this works as he’s spoken on Yaw Siki’s conversion.

Speaking on Hitz Fm’s Daybreak Hitz program, Waddle said the only reason Yaw Siki became a Christian was because of the potholes on the Tema Motorway.

To wit, the potholes caused the accident and the accident in turn caused his conversion to Christianity.

Waddle made a wider point on road accidents in Ghana and said authorities must tackle it and see to the end of the needless deaths of Ghanaians.

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