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The Bible Is Stupid; It Was Written By Patriarchal Men With Inherent Biases Against Women — Feminist Rants On Social Media

A feminist has taken umbrage at the Bible in a social media rant against their most frequent target of all – the patriarchy.

In a post on twitter, she angrily rants against the holy book of the Christian religion for reinforcing the patriarchy and encouraging the oppression of women.

Many new age feminists can be grating sometimes in their submissions but when it comes to religion, some are not willing to confront the truths a thorough examination of most holy books would reveal.

These truths are quite evident when one is not a devotee of these religions. Holy books are by and large products of their time and thus inherently s*xist, racist, classist and violent pieces of literature reflecting the time periods they were written in. They are not transcendental, timeless pieces of moral authority.

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Luckily this lady, with the glorious twitter handle of ‘Lucifer’s Nipple’, confronts this truth quite well, going so far as to call the bible stupid.

“Do you know why labor pains as a punishment for humans doesn’t make sense? Other species have labor pains too. So the Bible is seemingly daft in that regard”. she wrote in on tweet.

In another, follow up she wrote: “The Bible is a book written by men in a patriarchal world with inherent biases against women. Whether or not it was “inspired by God” is not my concern. Fact still remains that it was written by men.” she added in another.

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