Junior Pastor Of Bishop Obinim Who Accused Him Of Banging His Wife Confesses

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The junior pastor of Bishop ‘Angel’ Obinim, Pastor Willy after accusing him of banging his wife makes a huge U-turn, confesses and apologises for lying against the self-acclaimed man of God.

Apparently, Bishop Obinim has been vindicated for the first time since he became a self-acclaimed ‘Angel’ of God.

Pastor Willy at Bishop Obinim’s church humbly said;

“No one influenced me to go reveal such ill things about you. Father, it wasn’t my intention to disgrace you that’s why I took a wise decision to go to Bishop Agyin-Asare but he wasn’t able to deal with the issue well. I didn’t come here to give an explanation for my behaviour but to apologise.

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Whatever you went through during that period, I am on my knees begging for forgiveness. No one forced me to come here but by my own accord. I am ready for any punishment you deem it fit to mete out to me. Please forgive me so the heavens can forgive me too”.

Pastor Willy concluded that the said woman is now his ex-wife.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.com

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