LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: A Lot Of Ghanaian Young Ladies Are Too Boring ─They Only Start A Conversation When They Need Money

Some Ghanaian young ladies are too boring ─they have been hypnotised that in a relationship, the man should be in charge of everything including initiation of conversations. The only time they start a conversation is when they need money! 

And with this kind of boringness, men who want more in a relationship get disappointed in such relationships ─left with no option than to dump the sorry asses of such ladies for a more interesting and conversation starters.

Some ladies have argued that they are typical introverts and can’t adjust to being sanguine just to make a relationship work ─forgetting that love and relationship are all about compromise and good communication can go a long way to make a relationship work. 

As a young lady in a relationship, be a conversation starter ─I mean try to start some useful conversations with your man, talk about trending news, entertainment, argue and talk about each other’s interest and goals. 

Don’t be the lady who only starts a conversation when she needs money to buy a dress, makeup, weave-on and other material stuff. 

You may be surprised to hear some men say they dumped a lady because she was boring ─Yes, you may think it’s a flimsy excuse but that’s men, we want more in a relationship than just opening your legs wide for us.

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Most young ladies were dumped by their men because the only thing they brought to the table was that thing in between their legs ─and what do you expect after what you brought to the table gets depleted?  

Starting a conversation shouldn’t be a herculean task of which some ladies have made it look as if it’s a task only for men ─perhaps the 13th-century mindset of men should do everything in a relationship has eaten deep into their minds hence the boringness in many relationships.

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