Video-Talkative Archipalago Addresses Medikal, Fella Makafui And Sister Derby’s Childish Love Story In The Most Serious But Funny Way- Calls Medikal And Fella Childish And F00lish

Model and singer Sister Derby, Yolo actress Fella Makafui and AMG Business rapper Samuel Frimpong aka Medikal have been trending consecutively for about two weeks.

The three are trending for a reason I find very funny and at the same time interesting. Medikal has broken up with Sister Derby and has quickly moved on to date Fella Makafui leading to a seriously-serious broken heart for our ‘One Kalypo Two Biscuit’ singer.

Yesterday in the morning, the two lovebirds released a video of themselves on photo-sharing platform Instagram in bed kissing and smooching themselves to cause more dissatisfaction to our ‘School Mother’ Derby and her fans.

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This has infuriated self-acclaimed leader of the youth and an absolute braggart Dennis Buck aka Archipalago to address the issue in the most serious but funny way. The social media star has described this singular act by the two lovebirds as childish,f00lish and absolutely senseless and has cautioned them to put an end to what they are doing as they are not SHS kids.