Watch Video: Fella Makafui Twerks Her Gorgeous Tundra For ‘Daddy’ To Enjoy

New love is exciting, and intoxicating, and distracting. A newly joined couple can live in their own bubble and not see anyone else in the world.

Medikal and Fella Makafui are so obviously in this stage of their relationship, in which they see themselves as the only two people on the planet. 

Therefore they are enjoying each other and honestly don’t care who else sees their nauseating love – except Sister Derby – they’re obviously trying to make her jealous as well.

So every couple of hours we get a new post from the lovebirds trying to show everyone their love. We’ve seen them ‘eating’ each other in bed, we’ve seen them chopping love by a piano and the latest video shows Fella just twerking her ‘tundra’ for ‘daddy’ to enjoy.

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New love is exciting and intoxicating but it never lasts. Once upon a time it was Derby who was enjoying like this and now it’s Fella. As we’ve said, she’s a fool if she thinks this state of affairs is actually going to last.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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