Fella Makafui Drags Sandra Ankobiah’s Name into Her Dirty Pig Gutters—On the Back of False Claims Sandra Snatched Someone’s Boyfriend Too

Desperate ashawobrity Fella Makafui has made a laughable and frankly despicable claim in a childish attempt to drag another person into her disgraceful breakup saga which continues to trend nonstop every single day.

Fella has shamefully gone to claim that Sandra Ankobiah is a boyfriend snatcher like her and yet no one is talking about her, implying that some double standards are being applied by the public and bloggers in dealing with boyfriend/husband snatching stories.

As we reported earlier today, Fella reached out to the IG celeb account ‘thosecalledcelebs’ and claimed that the page once took down a story about Sandra Ankobiah allegedly snatching someone’s boyfriend, therefore she was also calling for her stories about allegedly snatching Medikal to be taken down.

It’s laughable that a certified ashawobrity like Fella, whose list of scandals is taller than the Empire State Building, thinks smearing a beloved name like Sandra is the way to get herself free from the negative publicity she has generated for herself.

There’s absolutely zero truth to the alleged scandal she alludes to, which is a claim that lawyer Sandra Ankobiah snatched a man known as Boat from another lady, which is why it had to be taken down when it was even slightly alluded to by the ‘celeb’ account.

But for a lady as shameless as Fella, smearing an outstanding lady like Sandra just to get a slight reprieve from the consequences of her own actions, is nothing to her.

There can be no comparison between the two – Ankobiah being a distinguished and celebrated lawyer and philanthropist whilst Fella is the entrepreneur whose source of cash is quite well established.

Sandra Ankobiah

And if there was even some truth to what she alleged, the best point she can make in her defence is that someone else carried out the same disgusting actions she did? That doesn’t clear her so much as confirms that she clandestinely took a man from a fellow woman under the guise of being ‘besties’.

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But this is a typical game played by the celebrities, who often cannibalize each other in an attempt to get themselves ahead in an industry which has more desperate bodies than money to go around. Most at times celebrity gossip comes from one source and one source only and that is other celebrities.

But this is right up Fella’s alley, as she has already comfortably proven herself a contemptible piece of scum. Since coming onto the scene she’s trended for having her ‘sponsor’ close down her shop, her own colleague slammed her for sleeping with ‘big men’ in exchange for cash to finance her life and more recently, for using her ‘black magic’ charms to grab a man from a ‘sister’ celeb.

There are many of them known to be embroiled in the same ashawobrity game, and to ignore all those and jump down the throat of Sandra Ankobiah is simply a cry of desperation from someone who is probably already regretting the decision she’s taken to plunge herself into the arms of a man who has no qualms publicly denigrating an ex.

The clock is already ticking for Fella, and it’s only a matter of time until Medikal is slamming her on social media with whichever new lady he convinces to bed his allegedly rashes infested body.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com




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