PHOTO: Princess Shyngle Is About Die Of Hunger; Says She Wanna Go Off Social Media For A Year ─ How Will She Get ‘Customers’?

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One of the bunch of Ashawobrities out there, Princess Shyngle has hinted of going a year without a phone, social media and people ─just to be with the love of her life.

But can she survive without social media since most of her ‘clients’ are online based? Besides, her obsession with social media to a larger extent isn’t about the usual ‘likes and comments’ nonsense ─any photo or video she puts out there is aimed at attracting new ‘customers’.

So for Princess Shyngle to say she wants to go a whole year without social media means she will be out of ‘business’ and we are thinking if she can survive.

She recently revealed that she rejected $100,000 for a one night stand sex from a man of which we doubted because it made no sense!

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The tapoli princess posted a photo with her bortos facing the camera and captioned it;

“All I want to do is go MIA for a whole year, no phone, no social media, no people around just me and the man I love belie”.




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