Things We Do For CARS — Fella Makafui Lied To Her Sugar Daddy That Her Relationship With Medikal Wasn’t Real But A Movie Shoot

Fella Makafui has some really impressive ‘balls’ to be able to play the game that she’s playing for so long and still not manage to get caught.

But all good things must come to an end and the enjoyment Fella Makafui has been deriving from playing two or even more men has come to an abrupt end after her lies caught up to her.

As we just reported, Fella Makafui’s ‘sugar daddy’ who has been the sponsor behind her extravagant lifestyle of driving posh cars, owning plush mansions and running businesses whose start-up capital magically appear out of nowhere, has decided he’s done with Fella and ordered everything of his he bought for her to be confiscated.

That led to the hilarious situation earlier today where some guys turned up to confiscate her cars, take off their customized Fella number plates and drive them to ‘Alhaji’.

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According to what GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned about this incident, the ‘big man’ Fella is dating is a rich Alhaji from one of our neighbouring countries who’s not really well versed in what goes on in Ghana.

‘Alhaji’ reportedly heard of Fella’s new relationship with Medikal after seeing photos but everytime he asked Fella claimed they were shooting a movie together and had nothing serious going on.

So whilst Fella was down here calling Medikal ‘daddy’ on Instagram, the real daddy was in the background being lied to.

After being convinced by friends that the Fella-Medikal dalliance was a serious relationship and not a ‘movie’ as Fella’s lying a$$ had claimed, ‘daddy’ had no choice but to send in his crew to come retrieve his properties for him.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com



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