Innovative Ways in Which Celebrities are Using Digital Media

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It seems as if the red carpet is now just as associated with the digital age as it is with award shows and fashion extravaganzas. A growing number of celebrities are now taking to the Internet to promote themselves as well as to speak up about political or social issues.

MySpace was arguably the beginning of this trend. We are now witnessing major websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Buzzfeed dominating the headlines.

The portals attract millions of visitors every day and such numbers are on the rise. In fact, the chances are high that you have already subscribed to one or more celebrity-related news channels. Whether referring to Idris Elba, Kanye West or Denzel Washington, this trend cannot be denied.

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So, what types of methods are such icons using in order to fully maximize their online presence and why are some even taking to the virtual community to promote their very own e-books? 

Building a Loyal Digital Audience

More than half of the global population accesses the Internet on a daily basis. A sizeable portion of these individuals make it a point to check out the latest social media and entertainment news feeds. Celebrities have undoubtedly picked up on this trend, as they tend to post updates and tweets in order to keep their fans informed. In fact, this very same observation can be used when referring to politicians. The Commander in Tweet (also known as Donald Trump) is a perfect example of how online posts can impact an audience

One of the advantages which is entirely unique to stardom is the fact that celebrities rarely have to market themselves; especially those who are already quite famous. Fans will simply search for their name on engines such as Google. The top social media pages and blog posts will be automatically presented. In other words, they will spend less time on publicity and more time posting what it is that they have to say

Having said this, some celebrities have become tired of social media circles such as Twitter and Facebook. A handful even deleted their profiles entirely due to an excessive number of abusive comments and similarly disturbing behavior. It therefore seems that online stardom can represent both a blessing and a curse. Still, other celebs might wish to remain in the digital limelight from behind closed doors. This is why they choose to employ other digital mediums at their disposal. One interesting example is the virtual book. Let’s take a look at why such a method holds an interesting appeal. 

Appealing to a Niche Market

There are generally two main types of celebrity followers

  • Those who are interested to learn the most trending and juicy information
  • Those who instead wish to learn more intimate and personal details about the celebrity in question.

Although the first variety is by far the most common, the second category tends to stay more loyal over time. So, it only stands to reason that a celebrity would wish to connect with this type of fan. Electronic books represent the perfect method to bridge this gap. 

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The great thing about this type of media is that it can be viewed anywhere with the help of a common smart device such as a mobile phone or a tablet. It is also much cheaper to purchase when compared to traditional books. So, a larger audience is likely to read what it is that the celebrity has to say. Another interesting point to mention is that the process of self-publishing such material is very easy. The use of an agency is therefore no longer needed. This also helps to ensure that any sales-related profits are returned to the author in question as opposed to having to be shared with other middlemen

Although celebrities are certainly taking advantage of this type of digital medium, a growing number of ordinary individuals are also becoming involved with the industry. Not only can they publish a novel or even a short story within no time at all, but it is dramatically cheaper when compared to hiring a publishing company, an editor and an agent. The doors are now open to anyone who has a great idea and wishes to share it with the masses

Will the presence of electronic books change the entertainment industry? This is most likely not the case. However, these unique digital gadgets simply represent another tool that individuals can use to boost their online presence. They are also another example of how a growing number of citizens are choosing to live within the virtual world. For better or for worse, this trend is here to stay. Whether you are an aspiring singer or you have always dreamed of becoming a writer, there are now more choices at your disposal than ever before.

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