PHOTO: Princess Shyngle Has Her Womb, Kidneys And Intestines Inside Her Bum Bortos ─ Check This Photo Out

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Princess Shyngle’s tapoli body is a threat to herself and something needs to be done before she tears into two pieces.

In this photo, we are tempted to believe that the tapoli princess has her womb, kidneys and intestines inside her bum bortos!

Princess Shyngle in a recent interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso stated that she has her womb, kidneys and intestines very intact and that in due time, she will get pregnant and give birth to a baby.

Curious Delay jokingly asked, who’ll allow his or her son to impregnate her since there is no sign of her belly ─and again, she replied affirmatively that she has everything a woman needs to become pregnant.

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But this photo she posted somehow confirms that she has got her womb, kidneys and intestines inside her bum bortos and it’s scary!




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