PHOTOS: Lydia Forson’s Outfit At AFRIMA 2018 Was Inspired By Akuapem Poolo’s Outfit At A Previously Held Event

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Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson’s outfit at AFRIMA 2018 may have been inspired by Rosemond Brown’s outfit at one of the previously held events.

Akuapem Poolo is now a big celebrity with bad grammar and a lot of folly hanging around her neck and surprisingly, one of our A-list actresses, Lydia Forson being a brag combined with big ‘huhudious’ grammar chose to wear an outfit Akuapem Poolo had worn previously.

Lydia Forson on the red carpet of AFRIMA 2018 was captured in an all-black outfit flaunting her thick body ─an outfit Akuapem Poolo wore a few months ago.

If Akuapem Poolo whom some female celebrities have sidelined for obvious reasons could inspire Lydia Forson’s outfit at 2018 AFRIMA with an outfit she wore months ago then indeed, Poolo is now a celebrity with a driving force!

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Maybe Lydia Forson should come out and tell us that the outfit she wore to AFRIMA 2018 wasn’t inspired by Akuapem Poolo’s.





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