Comedian Waris Must Be Castrated — Furious Gifty Anti Reacts To Titi Sarkcess ‘Joke’ Saga

I often say there are no comedians in Ghana (bar one), because the stuff most of them serve up as comedy is just childish gibberish repackaged to elicit cheap laughter and nothing sensible, satirical, or even mildly philosophical.

KSM is a world class satirist who has been on top of his game for decades; it’s nothing short of a crime to have both him and this so-called Waris both be classified as comedians.

Whilst good comedy can also be edgy and offensive on top of the above listed attributes, that can be brushed aside if it points out a societal truth which forces people to look hard and long at themselves and realize the ugliness within them.

But Waris did nothing of the sort, instead if you read his timeline it’s nothing but rape jokes that aren’t even funny and now worse, a paedophilic one.

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His comment about Titi Sarkcess has sparked widespread outrage, causing Gifty Anti to angrily lash out at him.

In a post on her Facebook page, the ‘Oheneyere’, who has a young daughter like Titi herself, calls for people with the ‘sick’ mindset of Waris to be castrated.

She wrote…

“This nonsense must stop.

The apology is not good enough. It is not a one off crime. Yes I call it a crime. It is a trend and he does it deliberately.

Waris must be educated on why this nonsense is not acceptable.

He hit the lowest of the low of humanity, when he dared share that sickening mindset of his on social media, targeting that beautiful little girl.

Maybe it’s about time we start castrating men with such sick mentality.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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