‘Dear Waris, No Human Being Deserves To Be Raped’ — Pepper Dem ‘Peppers’ Comedian Waris Over Tasteless Joke

The moment the talentless hack known as Comedian Waris opened his mouth to make a s*xualized joke about a two year old kid, people descended on him for his stupidity and utter lack of self awareness in even thinking of such a comment, much less writing it out proudly.

The comedian whom approximately five people in Ghana knew about before yesterday had commented on a photo of Sarkodie and his daughter Titi, opining that Titi was getting ‘ripe’ and that he would soon line up to ‘eat her’.

He was lambasted so much he was forced to apologize, but even that did not sit down well with many, with Gifty Anti calling for him to be castrated, even after his apology.

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The feminist group Pepper Dem Ministries are obviously not going to be left out of the ‘castration’ of Waris. They have also taken him to task for his comments.

In one post targeting another of his ‘jokes’ about lesbians, the group calls him out and say it’s not ok for anyone to be raped.

Check out their post below…

“Looks like your favourite comedian is also a pro at prescriptive rape!

Rape Culture is a mindset problem. And we should get to a place where toxic mindsets like these aren’t confidently expressed.

Dear Waris, no human being “deserves” to be raped!”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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