Who Else Thinks Hamamat Montia’s ‘BIG’ A$$ Is NOT Normal- Has She Found Help Like The Yaanoms?

People evolve, grow, change and develop— the fat becomes slim, dark turns fair and sometimes slim becomes fat. These gradual changes are what makes life beautiful and worth it. We have all known supermodel Hamamat Montia as a slender person.

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Mother of two Hamamat has been flaunting the ‘desired’ body for some time now. The back side is admirable, the lemon-like twin towers are in its youth and that flat tummy is like every girl’s dream. In as much as we, (many of us) love what she is serving us, we are tempted to think our lady is getting help somewhere (take a cue from Dr Obengfo).

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Looks like the shea butter is doing her a lot of good or—-? We are not and have not said anything. Check out these photos of her and compare them to her past photos.


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