Why Is Sarkodie Quiet About Comedian Waris’ Pedophilic Joke Against His Daughter Titi? ─ Actress Kafui Danku Asks

Comedian Waris is currently on the chopping board of Ghanaians after his pedophilic joke against Sarkodie’s 2-year-old daughter, Titi.

Pepperdem Ministries, a bitter social media feminist group as well as chief feminist, Gifty Anti have all descended heavily on the struggling comedian for his stupid joke.

Now, Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku has taken it from a different angle questioning why Sarkodie hasn’t said a word about the pedophilic joke against her daughter, Titi.

Kafui Danku who expects Sarkodie to take action against the comedian posted on Instagram;

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“I think I missed the beginning of the party but I guess it’s not yet over . I’ve seen screenshots of a post by an uncouth comedian , which has gotten the attention of some well wishers, especially women who are changing the narrative…And this is not the first time this comedian has posted anything of such nature.

Few months ago, this same comedian made a joke perpetuating rape culture and a lot of people found that funny…and this is not the first time a comedian is taking to social media to project sexism, pedophilia, and rape culture. Maybe this comedian has seen an older comedian who does this and goes scot free.

I’m not here to mention names, but we all know that comedian who went all the way out to slap a woman on an international television. That very clip went viral and people made fun of it. It seems women and children are at the butt of all their jokes and some of you find it funny!

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I don’t know whether to say it’s ” unfortunate” that the parent’s of the little girl in question hasn’t spoken or written anything to treat such utterances with disdain.The sad or maybe the unfortunate part is the father of the little toddler has a VERY POWERFUL voice that can affect change yet this VOICE hasn’t been heard , especially on a very critical issues that the whole world is speaking against . Are we fighting a losing battle? Why hasn’t sarkodie spoken or written any statement?”


Source: GhanaCelebrities.com


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