Watch The Inherent ‘Stupidity’ Of The Movie Industry As Struggling Comedian Kalybos Is Interested In Pressing Women’s ‘Brezzz’ As Compared To Concentrating On His Not So Good Acting Skills On Set

The most useless of all the arts and entertainment industry which thrives on trivialities, hype and the ability to sleep with ‘Sugar Daddies’ with old wrinkled d*cks to be able to live a luxurious life is the Ghana Movie Industry.

This part of our entertainment industry has given rise and birth to monstrous and cancerous females who are only good at slaying on red carpet of events comparatively to’ slaying’ in movies and giving us breathtaking performances. Do you guys remember the last time any Ghanaian actor or actress gave as a heart-wrenching performance in any movie? I doubt.

The men have become ‘Slay Kings’ and the women are now ‘Slay Queens who just make public appearances just to be in the news or what they now call as trending. Our old actresses and actors are not doing any new good things in the industry, all that they continue to do is to feast on past glories whilst our new crop of actresses are mostly now ‘Ashawos’ who fight publicly over married men. As for the men or actors we do not know what has become of them – ohh I remember they are now in the slaying business.

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This piece is mainly about struggling comedian Kalybos, the guy who became popular through the ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy skits. The truth is man sucks at acting but I can bet he will refuse to admit he sucks.

Instead of concentrating on his not so impressive acting skills whiles on set to be able to produce an average performance for people who will watch him, this guy seems uninterested in what he is doing but is very happily and busily fondling the ‘brezz’ of an upcoming actress on set. If people of this kind are the ones leading the pack in the movie industry then we have a long way to go.



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