After Wasting Taxpayer Money To Design A New Logo, EC Reverts To Old One

All the problems with this failed state called Ghana can be found in this one tiny report – the politicization of everything under this sun.

The Electoral Commission, which in the past at least maintained a veneer of neutrality, has now been turned into another fighting ground for our two main aimless, mindless and power drunk political parties – the NDC and the NPP.

After the retirement of Afari Gyan and the appointment of Charlotte Osei as new EC Chair by former President John Dramani Mahama, the Commission embarked on a costly yet aimless exercise to change their logo, an exercise which generated massive controversy but which was implemented anyway.

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There was no need for such a move as the logo had functioned perfectly well for decades, yet probably as another avenue for create, loot and share, the exercise was carried out and the EC ended up with a much maligned new logo.

After coming into office and forcing out Osei, the NPP government has also somehow found a way for the old logo to be reinstated. The Akufo-Addo appointed new chairperson Jean Mensah has directed the Commission to return to its old logo.

“From effective December 4, 2018, the original logo of the Electoral Commission which bears the coat of arms and has a ballot box showing the hand casting its vote has been restored.” a memo from the EC intercepted by the press reads.

“The core values of the Electoral Commission namely integrity, fairness and accountability have from today also been restored.”

Like the Flagstaff House/ Jubilee House nonsense, the two main political parties are ready to play politics with everything in this country irrespective of the harm or loss of finances it causes to the taxpayer.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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