God Created Man To Rule, Advocating For Feminism Is A Heinous Sin — Relationship Counsellor To Pepper Dem

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These days it’s very hard to go a day on social media without running into a battle of some sort breaking out between the feminist gang of Pepper Dem and friends and their opponents, the ‘meninists’.

My timeline is usually a battlefield with each side in their own corner writing their thoughts on the issue with little to no engagement.

Sometimes the two factions collide and that is when the real fireworks start with insults, blocks and threats just flowing in equal measure.

Relationship counsellor Frank Adofoli has waded into the battle and according to him, any women fighting the battle of feminism is sinning against God.

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According to Adofoli, God intended for man to rule and thus fighting against that natural order goes against the will of God.

He wrote…


Is the title for Today’s Motivational Message. Written by Counselor Adofoli

These days ladies have started a war against men in the name of Feminism, displaying so much hatred, disrespect and anger in the name of advocating for the rights and equality of the woman; causing others to be disobedient to God which is a sin. War has no eyes so people are advocating blindly.

This world is a men’s world, that is the purpose for which it was created, women were created to be working partners to the men. They are supposed to work as a team, as allies and not opponents. Women will be happier and have a lot of peace if they understand their role.

A helper does not run the show. Men will continue to dominate, that is why they are made the stronger vessel to lead. The weaker vessel which is the female, the man’s helping partner, is to submit to the man’s leadership and authority.

The man is not to use his strength as an advantage to abuse the woman; but to love, cherish and protect her. It is not right for a man to hit a woman. That is not what his strength is meant for. It is wrong for a woman to insult a man, for the man is her leader and protector.

Women have the strength of the tongue, it is for them to alert the man when there is impending danger, for the man to come to their rescue. No woman is to misuse that tool for the wrong reason.

Women pay attention to detail, she can misplace her hair band or forget where she kept them but never fail to remember the date and time of events. So she can be a good memory for the man when he forgets something.

Women are great communicators; Women are good listeners, so she is able to follow the instructions of the man. Women are good keepers and able to take good care of what is given to her and even multiply them. This is one quality that makes them good home keepers. Gone are the days of no bank, when women kept the fortune and treasures of their men.

If proper care is not taken, women can also misuse these tools or use the qualities in a negative way. This is why the bible advises women to “Be beautiful in your heart by being gentle and quiet. This kind of beauty will last, and God considers it very special” – 1 Peter 3:4 (CEV).

As a woman reading this, are you quiet and gentle in your heart and spirit? If not, either because of someone’s doing, the environment, etc, what you need is the grace of God and not a right of men.

Women can never be men, they are best being who they are created to be. They need to know this and appreciate it. Men can never be women and have to cherish them. Both men and women have to treat each other with respect, it is their collective qualities that make them a great team. One is not better than the other, they complement each other.

It is a disobedience to God for any man or woman wanting to change this and trying to write their own rules. A woman looking for power or using her voice to be like a man won’t make her a man.

It is a sin to disobey God and want to be the god of your life; trying to do things on your own, apart from the purpose for which you were created. Whatever you are fighting for in this world, one day we will go home and give an account of our work and life.

A question to the women: have you been a good follower? Were you submissive to your leader, heeding to instructions? To the men, have you been a good leader? Loving and protecting the one you were leading?

In conclusion “But if you rebel against the Lord’s commandments and refuse to listen to him, then his hand will be as heavy upon you as it was upon your ancestors” – 1 Samuel 12:15 (TLB).

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