Efia Odo And Rosemond Brown; Embodiment Of Childishness, Stupidity And Folly ─ VIDEO

These 4th class Ghanaian celebrities, Efia Odo, Rosemond Brown and the likes are the perfect definitions of childishness, stupidity and folly.

Over the past week, Efia Odo and Rosemond Brown have been throwing jabs at each other over some useless and petty issues.

It was first between Efia Odo and Moesha Budoung and then Rosemond Brown from nowhere jumped in uninvited in defence of Moesha.

Efia Odo trying to prove that she doesn’t f**k for money to social media users who do not even give a hoot about her existence posted a WhatsApp chat indicating that she once rejected an offer of $10k cash to have sex with a man.

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Rosemond Brown in a video splashed it on Efia’s face that she is a pathetic liar who has nothing to her name ─not even a car and trolled her of using her legs as a car.

This is where the stupidity of Efia Odo lies; she has posted a video of herself counting thousands of cedis just to prove to Rosemond Brown that she is damn rich and not broke!

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But the funny thing is, these 4th class celebrities are all in the same basket of f**king for the money and luxury.

Watch the video below.


Source: GhanaCelebrities.com


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