VIDEO: American Model Cries Like A Baby After Her ‘Pioto’ Got Stolen At A Hotel In Nigeria

American model, Symba who visited Nigeria a few weeks ago has narrated how her pants and that of her friend’s got stolen by a cleaner at a Nigeria hotel.

The model is scared because of rumours that Nigerian ‘Yahoo’ boys use pants of women for their rituals hence crying like a baby.

Symba narrating her ordeal said;

“A few days ago I went to my friend’s hotel which is Villa Thirty Three in Lekki, my girlfriends are staying there and I was at the office for the whole day, so I decided to go by their place to shower. I showered and I ended up staying there. When I stayed there overnight.”

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“The next morning now, somebody cleans up before I woke up. Somebody cleans the room. I showered and I leave, I’m gone for the whole day and its like 8pm now, the night after, and something keeps telling me, “go to Gizel’s room!!”, “go to Gizel’s room!!”, so I go upstairs now, and I knock on the door so I go and change in the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, no panties” she said in a video message posted on line.


She asked her girlfriends about the missing panties but they had no satisfactory answers about the missing underwear. She recalled how a male cleaner was moving around her room suspiciously while he cleaned up the room. She later forwarded her complaints to the hotel management.

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“I wanted to make a report on him (cleaner) cos I didn’t like the way he was moving. Like I was in the shower, he went downstairs to go get me a towel, he came back upstairs and gave me this long stare. He wasn’t just moving how a cleaner should move. So I went downstairs to speak to the management. Management comes and management is like. I’m management “I left my panties in the bathroom and after the cleaner cleaned, its missing”.




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