VIDEO: Rosemond Brown; The Smartest ‘Illiterate’ Celebrity On Instagram? The Case Of Yvonne Nelson Crying Over Ghana’s Bad Economy Whilst Having 4.4 million IG Followers

In an era where social media is a huge platform to reap thousands of dollars monthly provided one is smart and ready to make money, it’s sad to hear the likes of Yvonne Nelson cry that times are hard under president Akufo-Addo.

Off course, not every celebrity can be smart enough to notice that they can actually turn their social media pages into marketing platforms ─work tirelessly to earn huge contracts from both small and big corporations.

Elsewhere, celebrities earn 1/3 of their money from the endorsement deals made on their social media pages but here in Ghana, only a few smart ones have been able to reap in some cedis using their social media handles.

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I’ve seen Kumawood actress, Rosemond Brown on several occasions marketing products on her social media pages, Facebook and Instagram and even if the money involved is a peanut, it will be worth it a few years to come.

Akuapem Poolo as popularly called has just 56k followers on Instagram ─not even a quarter of Yvonne Nelson’s 4.4 million followers but for her smartness, she will reap in big a few years to come ─leaving Yvonne and her folks to always complain bitterly about the economy.

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Off course, Rosemond Brown may be an illiterate celebrity but she is smarter than most of the so-called big grammar celebrities who brag about having it all and yet can’t even pay for their makeups and outfits.

Watch this video of Rosemond Brown promoting a product below.





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