HOT GOSSIP: Juliet Ibrahim Allegedly In A ‘Bang me good’ Affair With JimSeuh Of Kupe Fame

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Our modern-day Barbie, Juliet Ibrahim after her painful breakup with Nigerian rapper, Iceberg Slim is gradually creeping like termite into the life of JimSeuh of Kupe fame and a little check on their Instagram activities indicate that things are about to happen.

Juliet Ibrahim who is yet to heal from a broken heart is all over the Instagram page of 26-year-old JimSeuh of Kupe fame, commenting on almost every photo of the dude with romantic emoji ─all pointing to the fact that Juliet really likes JimSeuh.

Juliet Ibrahim’s comment on JimSueh’s latest Instagram post has raised the eyebrows of fans asking questions and reading meanings into her comment.

JimSeuh posted a photo of himself revealing all his muscles and bare chest with the caption, “What do you think of this post? let me know”.

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Juliet Ibrahim for the 10th time placed a comment in French, “Tuez-moi-déja” ─translating in English, “Kill me already” with some love emoji attached.

Juliet Ibrahim & JimSeuh

Watch this pace, Juliet Ibrahim is likely to embark on a trip to France ─not for tourism or movie shooting purposes but for the obvious.

Check these screenshots below.






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