Photo- Broke Ashawobrity Xandy Kamel Begs For Christmas Gift On Social Media From Her Fans

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We are in the last month of the year 2018 and Christmas is fast approaching all of us. The month of December every year is quite a busy one for everybody as there are a lot of festive moments in this month.

In this particular month, a lot of people express their love and kindness to loved ones and even total strangers by gifting them with different kind of gifts. December is really the holy month of giving.

It is that month where corporate organizations, individuals and celebrities can decide to go to various orphanage homes across the length and breadth of Ghana and celebrate the yuletide with the occupants of the various homes. This goodness and kindness sometimes even extends to our various prisons and prison inmates.

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It looks like Ghanaian actress Xandy Kamel is seriously broke and has no plan or intention of expressing love through donating cash to the vulnerable in society this very season. The Ghanaian Ashawobrity is on social media begging her fans to send her Christmas gifts.

The movies you do doesn’t pay you well, gallivanting around town with men is also not paying. What at all will you do with your life Xandy?