PHOTO: ‘You’ve Brought Joy Into My Life, God Bless You’ — Fella Makafui Writes Childish Love Letter To Medikal

Being used and then painfully dumped has become one of the major problems faced by our class of Ghanaian female celebs, yet I don’t know whether or not it’s their ashawobrity lifestyle which is preventing them from listening to advice or they are just too adamant.

Fella Makafui, who is leading the exact ashawobrity role she played in the YOLO series in real life, has been trending for over a month now after she succeeded in snatching Medikal from his sugar mummy, Deborah Vanesa.

The female star, Fella has taken her childish love for Medikal to another level, a level she thinks we have never seen before. But we’re telling her we’ve seen greater than this which never lasted for even a year.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has observed a post on Fella’s Instagram page where she was pouring her love for Medikal out through a class one love letter.

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Read her letter. “I write from my heart this short message to this young man right here …
Adu Samuel Frimpong, God bless you for coming into my life, you have no idea how grateful I am ..

“You have taught me a lot right from the beginning till now, you inspire me soo much, taught me how to be patient ..You changed my mentality about a lot of things and i appreciate it all !! People will never understand us and its fine ..You are such a man !!! You are different and i have never seen your type !!! God bless you ..God bless you for making me happy !! Thats all we need !!

“Nothing in this world is worth than a Genuine Happiness!! Forget about social media but damn, I am extremely happy and it takes my worries away!! Anytime i cry for not achieving something, you remind me of who i am and you tell me to appreciate what I have and stop worrying about what I dont…I am not scared of what the future might bring, but for the moment, I am happy and blessed to be in your life.

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“I am sure i am not the first or last to ever date someone’s Ex .. And if Loving you is a crime, then I will gladly be the GREATEST CRIMINAL IN THE WORLD !! To my friends and fans, i might have hurt one way or the other, I’m sorry ..But i have found happiness in this man ..And this is the path I have chosen..And anytime you see him, just thank him for me, he has been too good to me !! I love you baby and God bless you, wish us nothing but the best !!! ❤️💕”

She posted this class One love letter for her fans to read.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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