Forget About That Thing Called Condom If You Want To Enjoy S*x Better – Nigerian Doctor

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According to a Nigerian doctor, anyone who desires to enjoy sex should forget about using condoms and hit the p*** raw because there is little or no enjoyment in using condoms.

The Nigerian doctor with Twitter username @DoctorEmto boldly tweeted;

“If you want to enjoy sex, do it raw. It’s just sweet when you do it raw but… If you are a player or you are with a cheat or you are not sure of your partner, Then use CONDOMS but please don’t stick your tongue in there. However there’s little or no enjoyment with condoms”.

The doctor believes that the real excitement about sexual intercourse is hitting the p*** raw without putting o any rubber.

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Some Twitter users have slammed him for promoting STI’s such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Doc SC


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