The Media Discussing ‘My Level’ Video Is Why Ghana Is A Village — Get A Load Of Shatta Wale’s Stupid Logic To Justify His Hatred Of Criticism

Shatta Wale is a real piece of work, as our American brothers will say. In his world only one thing matters, which is himself, and thus he can somehow justify anything by relating it to himself.

My personal diagnosis is that he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, because only such a person can use the kind of logic Wale is using just to justify his own actions.

Some weeks ago he said that Ghana is a village, and since then he has done all he can to justify that utterance.

He also released a universally criticized as ‘wack’ music video for his ‘My Level’ track a few days ago, and as usual he cannot stand the criticism the video is receiving.

Therefore Wale has somehow found a way to connect the two, in his diseased mind ending up with the conclusion that Ghana is a village because the media discussed his ‘My Level’ video?

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Taking to twitter, the self proclaimed dancehall king claimed that: “The media has so much time that they discussing about balloons .. lol .. why wont mosquitos breed in our gutters when we have all the time to tell the politicians to fix it smh … Ghana will always be a village and dont forget you people made it so.. DONT BLAME THE POLITICIAN.”

So because the media discussed the balloons in his video, they are complicit in the failed state of Ghana largely perpetrated by the politicians? In Wale’s narcissistic mind the media discussing him basically means they are at fault for everything wrong with Ghana.

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But as Wale well knows, there are different arms of the media; and it’s actually idiotic to criticize entertainment journalists for not discussing politics.

Wale’s dumb fans might follow him to blame the media for everything they don’t like but the world is much more nuanced than that, and we’ll keep calling out his stupidity until he decides to use his brain just a little bit more than he currently does.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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