VIDEO: To Hell With Marriage; I Won’t Sell My Freedom Because Of Marriage – Nina Richie

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Black Muzik Avenue’s female signee, Nina Richie who always gets herself in the news by flaunting her raw body and huge ‘melons’ at events and on social media has revealed that she will never get married.

According to Nina Richie in an interview on SVTV with Akosua Gemini, marriage is stressful and for that reason, she has decided not to sell the freedom she is enjoying in the name of marriage.

“Charley I am good, I don’t wanna get married, I’m scared of marriage, to be honest. It really scares me. I like to be free and my partner also wants to be free, because if I wanna have fun with somebody else he is not going to agree to that, so no I’m not getting married”, she said.

On the question of why she is scared of marriage, the heavily endowed musician answered;

“I really like to be free and I don’t wanna feel like marriage is a prison, so I’m not ready for that and my man is an older guy so I don’t think he will do it’’.

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She concluded that even though she doesn’t want to get married but it’s her wish to have four kids of which she already has one ─remaining three.

Watch the short interview below.


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