Ghanaians Should Be Worshipping Me Like A God, Not Criticizing Me — ‘Angel’ Bishop Daniel Obinim

Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim is really going on the offensive these days. After angrily calling on Jesus to strike him down if he’s a fraud, he’s now angrily lashing Ghanaians for constantly criticizing him.

According to the controversial preacher, the kinds of miracles that he performs should have seen him hailed as a god instead of the way he’s treated.

Obinim is the preacher a lot of people love to hate. He performs absurd ‘miracles’, lashes kids in church and steps on pregnant ladies, whilst also claiming the ability to travel to heaven and chat with God.

Understandably most of us see him as a crazy charlatan but according to him, he should be worshipped as a God.

“The things I do that you see, if I were to do them elsewhere, I [would] have been worshipped like a god,” Obinim ranted in one of his thousands of videos littering the internet.

Obinim went on to reveal some of the miracles he’s done for white people who actually appreciate it very much.

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“Just one miracle that I did for a white man, he took a huge sum of money and asked if he should give it to me or buy a car for me? I told him to do whatever he liked and he bought me a Rolls Royce.

“I just changed his ailing kidneys and gave him a new pair and I got a Rolls Royce. I spent four days in Germany before returning to Ghana and within one month, the car had landed,”

He added: “If I continue working such miracles for the whites, I’m sure I will soon be flooded with thousands of planes as gifts.”

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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