The Church Of Pentecost Has Banned Extravagant Wedding Ceremonies

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Lavishly organised weddings are the dream of most young women especially in a world where competition among peers is on the rise. Some desperate couples go to the extreme to borrow huge sums of money just to have an extravagant wedding ceremony.

Now, the church of Pentecost after a careful look into the huge sums of money some church members spend on marriage ceremonies has warned its members across the world to desist from the organisations of extravagant wedding ceremonies.

The secular which was read on Sunday, December 16, 2018, in all Pentecost churches worldwide stated;

“Marriage ceremonies in the church ought to be simple and not unnecessarily expensive. Would-be couples must always ensure that they organize very short engagement ceremonies so as to save cost.

Pre-marital relationships, customary marriage rites (engagement) and weddings should be done modestly and decently to glorify God.

The church continues to hold in high esteem, chastity in marriage, and strongly frown on the pre-marital sexual relationship between prospective couple”.



Clement Enoku

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