Pictures- Moesha Boduong Breaks The Internet With These Ridiculous Photos Of Herself Showing Her Huge ‘TOTO’

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The Ghanaian movie industry continues to be a breeding ground for substandard people who continue to call themselves celebrities and actresses with no proper movies to their credit.

These people mainly ladies continues to use their beauty and body to drive attention and remain relevant in the Ghanaian media space instead of their talent. Do they even have any talent at all?

Their stock in trade and the only thing they know how to do is snapping very raunchy and ridiculous pictures, putting them up on social media for likes and comments.

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The leader of this movement who has publicly pronounced that she sleeps with men for money, Moesha Boduong has today released some of these pictures on her Instagram page. She has released pictures of herself in a skimpy green dress where her huge ‘TOTO’ is clearly drawn in the dress. Social media has been awash with a lot of comments about these pictures.