Zylofon Music’s Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo Writes ‘Angry’ Letter To Those Saying Zylofon Has Killed The Careers Of Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy And Others

Head of Communications for Zylofon Music, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, has angrily lashed out at pundits who say that the label has sunk the careers of most of the artists that they have signed.

Arnold posted a lengthy rebuttal on Facebook to the assertion, to try and prove that Zylofon has improved the careers of their artists rather than brought them down.

He listed what the label has done for Shatta, Stonebwoy, Kumi Guitar and others to massively lift their careers.

The Zylofon brand has been hit with massive criticism by some pundits who claim both the artists and actors signed to the label are worse off for joining.

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Read Arnold’s rebuttal to those claims below…


I have observed with disdain, how some Entertainment Show hosts and pundits consistently sit on radio and TV and spew that Zylofon Music Label has done NOTHING for its artists.

Nothing? Wait, did you mean ‘nothing’? You must be out of your effing mind!

The statement from these naysayers is disingenuous, scandalous and ridiculous.

Zylofon Music may have/had issues, same way every Record Label have related issues.From Motown to Def Jam to Violator to Cash Money – every label goes through some rough patches BUT to say that Zylofon Music has done nothing for these acts is simply reckless.

Let me edify these loose talkers on the very ‘little’ the label has done for these guys;

-Shatta Wale-

Under Zylofon, his career has not dipped. A critically-acclaimed album, chart-topping singles,sold-out concerts, world tour and essentially, placement on the coveted Billboard Charts – the first ever in his illustrious career. He is one of the most outstanding acts for 2018


Under Zylofon, he released a grandiose album, his best ever, commercially. Chart-topping singles, sold out concerts, a world tour and essentially, a historic placement on the Billboard Charts – first ever in his enviable career. He is one of the most outstanding acts for 2018


Career has not floundered. Great album, good singles and her international appeal has not dwindled. Her numbers are better. Go figure!

-Kumi Guitar-

Arguably the biggest success story under Zylofon. You can’t mention the Top 5 Highlife artists now and leave him out. Hit singles, awards, relevance and prominence, all achieved under Zylofon Music label.

-Joyce Blessing-

Great album, good singles and a successful tour. She is happy. She sleeps better.


Today, at least, many music lovers know there’s a good rapper called Obibini who has quality songs, quality videos and a brand to his name.

For all these artists, the label has added some VALUE to their respective careers.

So, before you make such frivolous statement about Zylofon Music doing NOTHING for these guys, put your goddamn analytical cap on and do some research. Do Better!

PS: This post is strictly music-related. If you try to put gravels in my ‘rice- water’, I will bring fire to your doorstep!


Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com





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